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Your #1 Choice For Commercial Towing

Commercial vehicles are important for businesses who deliver their goods and services to their customers. That is why maintenance of these vehicles is essential. Even though companies do maintain these vehicles, every once in a while they still breakdown. That is where Central Towing of Peoria comes in.

Central Towing of Peoria offers a variety of towing and roadside services including commercial towing. We know that not every business operates in a 9-5 Monday to Friday schedule so we made our service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make sure that when you need a commercial vehicle towed, we are available.

When you call us, it doesn’t matter where and when you need your vehicle to be towed. We don’t care if it is outside the Peoria, AZ area during the wee hours of the morning because we know that emergencies are unpredictable.

We employ a fleet of towing vehicles that can tow almost any kind of vehicles. As soon as you describe the vehicle in need, we will make sure that the right towing vehicle and tools are sent to your aid. We avoid doing the most common error by sending out the wrong equipment We know the frustrations of having a vehicle break down especially for businesses.

Central Towing of Peoria handles each call for help with the same kind of care and professionalism every time. This practice helped us build a great reputation. We pride ourselves on reliability, speed and affordable prices. We put the customer’s satisfaction before anything else.

Our company is a family owned & operated business serving Peoria. We run the business with a hands-on mentality. That is why we know how it feels when your business is in jeopardy because of something you cannot control. We want to help move these commercial vehicles to help their clients avoid losing profits and earnings.

Central Towing of Peoria sets itself apart from other towing companies in the area by offering 24 hour towing services while still maintaining very affordable prices. We don’t want to add into their customers frustrations and want to make the towing of their commercial vehicles a breeze. We provide great customer care and it helped us have a great image among customers.

Central Towing of Peoria specializes in towing commercial vehicles. We have the latest and most reliable towing vehicles including a flatbed towing vehicle. We can tow any commercial vehicle like delivery trucks and even construction vehicles. We work as quickly as possible to get your vehicles moved. It doesn’t matter how short or long the distance the vehicle needs to be towed to.

Hopefully, these reasons can help you decide who provides the best towing service in Peoria, Arizona. Central Towing of Peoria will help you anytime, anywhere. We are one of the fastest, most reliable and most affordable towing service providers in Arizona.

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