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Do you need your motor home or RV towed in Peoria, Az?

Careful planning is essential when you are going on a trip in your motor home and having to bring along an extra vehicle to be used later for sightseeing and other activities as soon as you reach your destination. In your plan, you must consider the legal requirements; the method of towing; and the expenses you will have to incur in this manner of traveling.


Know the legal requirements.

It is of prime importance to know the state’s legal requirements so that your trip will not be delayed or hindered. The Department of Transportation (DOT) will provide the rules in towing and other related information. If you need assistance in dealing with the DOT due to lack of contact and time, Central Towing of Peoria will be more than willing to help you.

Requirements differ from one state to another. Many states may require brakes to be installed for trailers that weigh above 1,500lbs; however, if you use tow bars, brakes are no longer required. Be sure you consult with the authorities for your own safety and protection.

Decide on the method of towing

Extra vehicles can be towed using the following methods: flatbed or enclosed trailer; tow bar; and tow dolly. Fortunately, all these methods will be provided by Central Towing Peoria, AZ.

Flatbed or enclosed trailer. An extra car can be carried on a trailer that has brakes in it as well as its own light system. Your vehicle will be fully supported and you will not be adding needless mileage into it. Aside from it being accepted by all states, it can also carry any kind of vehicle you decide to tag along.

Tow bar. The use of a tow bar will allow your car to be running on its four wheels on the ground. This is the most popular way of transporting your extra car behind your motorhome and is effective for smaller vehicles. In addition, the tow bar can be folded up and is easy to keep when not in use. Before you use this, however, you have to check with the state’s regulations about towing.

Tow dolly. In order not to put stress on the towed car’s steering parts, its two front wheels are put on the two-wheel tow dolly. In this method, there will not be any additional mileage to the car’s odometer. However, with the tow dolly, it would be very difficult for you to turn in reverse.


Anticipate an RV Tow Cost

Each of the aforementioned methods have its corresponding cost. The flatbed or enclosed trailer is the most expensive but it gives the best protection for your car. However, since it adds weight to your motorhome, you have to consider the size and capacity of your RV.

On the other hand, using a tow bar can be a cheaper option but you will have difficulty maneuvering it backwards. You will be putting so much stress on the steering components on your towed car if you try backing up. Hence, you will have to unhook the dingy if you really need to turn in reverse or else you will cause serious damage to your extra vehicle. With regards to the tow dolly, you cannot back up either, or else you will damage the towed car.

In the last two methods, you have to remember that not all cars can be towed with four wheels on the road. Some cars have to be running while being towed with transmission lubrication pumps. There is really a need for you to read your car’s manual before towing it. Also, make sure that all safety devices are in place and are fully operational all the time to avoid accidents and thwarted trips. Lastly, you can get more advice and additional information from Central Towing of Peoria.

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